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Intensive Chi Kung Course - Penang, April 2012

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  • Intensive Chi Kung Course - Penang, April 2012

    Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

    Here ends another amazing and very special course with Sifu. The feelings that I am having right now are sadness and happiness. Sadness because it has ended already and happiness because I had the opportunity to attend.

    I feel much purer than when I have started. It is not only happiness but also more courage and inner peace. I feel that I am destroying those blockages that are separating me from pure joy.

    Sifu said something that made me feel and think about the way I was dealing with my life that really impacted on me. I have always been trying to be kind and nice with everybody, even with those people that really hurt me. It has never been my intention to hurt people. So, when they were hurting me deep inside, I was just locking those emotions on myself. I has never been so aware, until this point, on how much harm I was creating to myself.

    During my last three Chi Flows, I felt that thousands of negative emotions were coming out from my mouth. It was like if a black river of anger, frustration, hate and guiltiness was leaving my body. Now, I am fully aware of why these emotions can really create illness and even cause death if one does not free them.

    About 8 years ago, I got tired of directing my frustrations to the people that I really loved. In that point, I decided to buy a sandbag that I could put on my backyard. I was punching it four hours and, many times, my hands ended bleeding after the training. I felt really good punching that sandbag. I was feeling really happy because I found a tool to free my emotions and I wasn't hurting anybody. Soon, I realized that I had to find something else because I wasn't hurting anybody but I was hurting myself.

    Then, Chi Kung came into my life. I was able to help myself without hurting me. I didn't need to carry my sandbag wherever I went. This amazing tool provided me a way to unlock my emotions no matter were I was.

    Sifu is a Grandmaster for many reasons but, for me, the most important reason is that he is the person that I trust more in the entire world. I feel safe with his guidance and I know that if I am a good student, a good teacher and a good method are a matter of course.

    I never get on the courses what I expect, I get more. This is because I have a wrong perception of what I should expect and Sifu always corrects that perception on me.

    The healing did not only occur on the class but everywhere: In the tours, in the meals, in the chatting with the Shaolin Wahnam members...

    I was really happy to see how the new members of the school were treated with love, respect and kindness by all Shaolin Wahnam members. This is the proof that shows me that, what Sifu is teaching us, is a treasure for our lives.

    Those that are new might be skeptical on the art but, when something is genuine, there is no space for doubt. New members just have to take a look to Sifu and the Senior members and see the kindness, respect, happiness and love that they all share in every single interaction.

    When I started with Shaolin Wahnam, I wasn't feeling really good but the kindness, respect, love and happiness that the Shaolin Wahnam Family has always given me made me stay. If I had seen anger, violence, frustration and lack of respect, I had probably escaped from this family and had looked for something else.

    I always see in Sifu and Senior members the aspirations that I want for my life. I came to this family to heal myself and to learn love, kindness, happiness and respect. I already had enough frustration, anger and hate in my life.

    Thanks Sifu for everything. I use the term "everything" because if I had to write all the things that you did for me, I would keep this post really, really long... I cannot imagine my life without belonging to this amazing School and Family.

    I also want to thank to all Shaolin Wahnam members for making this course a life changing experience.

    Shaolin Salute,


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    Thank you Santiago for the inspiring sharing .

    And congratulations for a great achievement .

    Best wishes ,

    Damian Kissey
    Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


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      Dear Shaolin Wahnam family,

      Ever since my first regional course with Sigung in summer 2009 I have aspired to attend the Intensive Chi Kung course and this year - finally - I was able to attend. Words cannot do justice to the experience but sublime, inspiring, transformational, awe inspiring and exquisite point in the right direction.

      I have previously attended Generating Energy Flow, Cosmic Shower, Cosmic Breathing, Sinew Metamorphosis and Zen courses and this experience was on a whole new level.

      As a result of this course my skills have deepened by a step change and I gained new experiences during the purity of our Cosmic Shower and the quite perfect final day. In particular I managed finally to successfully follow instructions without thinking thinking thinking, even though I have been trying not to intellectualise during my practice. This is a major blockage for me, along with letting go. Thanks to Sigung's amazing program he helped me smash through to new experiences. It feels as if I have gained a much greater level of understanding of these incredible arts and their associated philosophy.

      The whole course was amazing but the final day was just incredible, building off all the groundwork we had laid during the previous two days. We effectively practiced a new pattern that was only briefly introduced to demonstrate that skills are more important than techniques, used Lifting the Sky at the mind level, applied our skills to identify and solve problems with ease, sent chi to parts of the body and massaged internal organs, used Pushing Mountains at the mind level and ended with a pattern of our chosing which Sigung helped us also take to the mind level.

      I was left feeling supremely joyful, wonderfully happy, incredibly peaceful and filled with love; yet also powerful, confident, and courageous. The last three years have been transformational and I am convinced this experience has turbocharged the continued transformation that I feel coming in the next days, weeks and months.

      Thank you, Sigung, for accepting me on this course. Thank you for your amazing and generous teachings and transmission that are transforming my life for the better. I feel incredibly lucky and blessed, and from my heart I am deeply grateful.

      Thank you Shaolin Wahnam brothers and sisters attending the course - it was a privilege and honour to share this special time with you, for our conversations, company and fun and for sharing the journey together.

      With greatest respect and blessings,

      Shaolin salute,
      With love and Shaolin salute /o

      "Your purpose in life is to find your purpose & give your whole heart and soul to it." - Buddha

      Gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā.


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        Thank you for sharing your experiences, the Intensive Chi Kung course it is indeed a life changing experience.

        Warm regards,



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          Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

          I tried now two or three times to write a post about the Intensive Chi Kung Course with Sigung. But I failed so far. Not only the days during the Intensive Course seem to be "intense", also the days before and after the course. So many things happen, I feel so much, I see so much - I feel like in a big flow. "We have been blessed" might be the only and "simple" statement that could maybe bring it to the point how I feel about it.

          It all began with a very powerful Chi Kung State of Mind on day 1 and it ended with the most special and precious Chi Flows on day 3. The Chi Flows we were allowed to enjoy in the afternoon on day 3 were simply a gift that was handed over to us so freely and compassionate. Sigung did sent us into Chi Flow right away and very soon I found myself on the floor doing some kind of summersaults which was indeed just fun when I realized it. Very soon later we started to massage certain parts of our body and organs and the cleansing would become more and more. And there was for me the really wonderful part: it was pure enjoyment! There was no heavyness that would come along with the cleansing. There was no despair, no pain, no fear that would make me worry. At one point I was on the floor and felt like vomitting and suffocating, when we massaged our lungs I had to cough once again - but all these negative emotions that I have hosted for so long and that came out of me didn't impress me at all. In contrary, I simply felt strong and was ready for more and more cleansing.
          And later when the flow was no more so vigorous something beautiful happened. My sounds became somehow "words" to me. To me it sounded like words put together to a sentence, spoken in a language that doesn't exist. I repeated and repeated them and suddenly the translation was there: Life is beautiful. I heard that only once and then I just kept repeating somehow these "words" and felt so light, so happy and so peaceful and everytime "these words" came out of my mouth they felt sweeter and sweeter. Indeed I felt sweet, and I didn't wanna stop repeating these words to me ... This was much more than a special moment for me.

          I do hope that anyone who goes through lots of cleansing right now or is struggling with certain blockages may soon also enjoy such precious ChiFlows.

          Also very precious was the company of my sisters and brothers during and outside of the course. There was this warm and secure atmosphere full of love and understanding and support. It was also inspiring to see how people already during the course started to glow and change. Thanks indeed for sharing and spending time together - I am looking forward to meet you again here or there.

          To have a weekly KungFu class is also very precious. Thank you to my Sifu for teaching us so generously and for spreading the Shaolin Arts in Switzerland.

          Thank you Sigung for accepting me to the Intensive Chi Kung course. It has been a very precious gift for me that I cannot really capture yet I guess.

          I feel very grateful to train the Shaolin Arts. Step by step they are leading me back to this world and to the person I want to be for myself and the ones around me.

          Happy Chiflows for all of us, Binia
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            Congratulations Binia, very well done! I guess you can imagine Sigung's next line: very good carry on.:-)

            All the best looking forward to see you back soon in training.
            "From formless to form, from form to formless"

            26.08.17-28.08.17: Qi Gong Festival with 6 courses in Bern:
            Qiflow-Triple Stretch Method-12 Sinewmetamorphisis-Bone Marrow Cleansing-Zen Mind in Qi Gong



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              Dear Binia,

              You're a lovely girl. Thank you for sharing this. It is always nice to read your experiences.

              Si Pak
              Anthony S

              Western USA


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              His book, The Wonders of Chi Kung:Unlocking Glowing Health and Vitality, 3rd Edition, can be found by clicking here

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                Wonderful thank you for sharing. Makes me want to jump on a plane for the next Intensive Chi Kung Course.

                Best wishes


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                  Doe eens normaal

                  Thank you dear Shaolin brothers and sister for your valuable posts. I recall with pleasure and wonder our Time together in this amazing course with Sifu. I have followed many a course - and as ever, this Course really really blew me away - it was totally new, totally a different experience. As I told my husband Sippe, it was a unique training - once again!

                  In Dutch, to 'doe normaal' is held in high esteem - and I recall Sifu's words to us during this Intensive Course - it is 'ridiculous' to see what practising chi Kung does - the level of health, vitality and clarity (let alone the Spiritual Fulilment it brings) attained by us is really seemingly 'abnormal' whilst it is actually NORMAL! It really opened my eyes to hear Sifu say that this is Normal - it is how we are meant to be! That is wonderful.

                  As my internet is very wobbly - it should do Chi Kung, I'm going to make this post a series of remarks....

                  So here's to being Normal, Sifu and Chi Kung style!

                  Thank you deeply and totally Dear Sifu for being there and imparting this Great Art to us. Thank you dear co-students, it was a pleasure and blessing to Practise and Learn together. Thank you Kwan Yin. Really.

                  See you all soon and enjoy your Chi,



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                    Thank you all for your lovely posts.

                    It's true that words can't fully do justice to the experience of a course with Sifu, but these accounts still make for inspiring reading.

                    In any case, the transformation Matt spoke of was written on his face, on his return to class – and really wonderful to see. It's great to think that all the students are manifesting equally wonderful benefits.

                    Best wishes,