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  • Hello,

    I see Sifu is posting new videos and material of Baguazhang on the home page!

    I was PM'ing with Frederic, and of the 8 sequences of the Swimming Dragon Set, the last 3 are not named (unless I overlooked).

    Does someone who attended the course knows the names of the last 3 sequences?

    Best wishes,


    • Maybe found them?

      Hi dear Family!

      Taking a look at the new videos and review material of the Fabulous Baguazhang, I think this website shows the names of the combat sequences (plus much more information!)

      1. Open Window to Look at Moon
      2. Pure Blade Cuts Grass
      3. Yellow Dragon Emerges from Water
      4. Breeze Sweeps Lotus Leaves
      5. Strange Python Turns Body
      6. Big Boss Removes Helmet
      7. Green Dragon Returns Head
      8. Cloud Dragon Returns Head
      I like making silly videos (including kung fu ones!) every so often on YouTube and taking pictures of weird things on Instagram.


      • Hello everyone,

        Frederic, you have beat me to it . Yes those are the full names of the 8 Sequences of the Baguazhang Swimming Dragon Set.

        Sifu has kindly send me the full names of all 8 Sequences and the following information:

        From Sifu:

        Originally, Sequence 1 is named “Green Dragon Tests Claw”. But as this pattern which gives the original name of Sequence 1 is found in all sequences, I have changed the name of Sequence 1 to “Open Window to Look at Moon”.

        If you go to the secret Overview at you will find the following:

        Sequence 1: Open Window to Look at Moon Part 14
        Sequence 2: Pure Blade Cuts Grass – Part 25
        Sequence 3: Yellow Dragon Emerges from Cave – Part 34
        Sequence 4: Breeze Sways Lotus Leaves – Part 40
        Sequence 5: Strange Python Turns Body – Part 45
        Sequence 6: Big Boss Removes Helmet – Part 56
        Sequence 7: Green Dragon Returns Head – Part 69
        Sequence 8: Cloud Dragon Returns Head – Part 79

        For those who do not have the privilege to view the secret pages, I shall later post some open webpages that show the eight sequences with their names.
        Thank you, Sifu.

        Best regards,