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Intensive Shaolin Kung Fu; Penang, 2011

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  • Intensive Shaolin Kung Fu; Penang, 2011

    Dear Family.

    Greetings from sunny Penang.

    It is the end of our first day of training at the Copthorne Hotel with Sigung Wong, a Grand Master of the Shaolin Arts.

    It’s a real struggle to find a state of gratitude worthy of receiving what we have had the unfathomable luck to receive.

    1500 years of legacy, crystallized and passed down from master to master is hard enough to get my head around. Yet to receive it in such a sweet tasting tonic! Its unbelievable.

    Sigung explained to us his teachings have softened some what.

    On the drive back from a lovely welcome dinner I gazed at the Penang light life and attempted to get my head around it all. I had a little weep, as I sometimes do- in a joyful, semi private manor, and a little giggle emerged as well.. I’m not sure I will ever really be able to comprehend the enormity of this blessing- to practise high level Shaolin arts, but I think I understand the need to practice gratitutude now.. and that like being humble, its something you must work on to improve.

    It has been a really really amazing day.

    We spent much of the morning focusing on entering Zen and spent some time covering a little Shaolin philosophy. It was a simple and incredibly direct session. Sigung explained the importance of a Zen mind in combat, training and daily life as a beautiful warm transmission soaked into our being.

    We then moved on to cover the basic stances, and experienced building internal force in Zhang Zhuan.

    I enjoyed this session immensely.

    After lunch we focused on using stances to move around and latter added some hand forms to practice kung fu patterns.

    Form, flow, force was introduced.

    Some personal highlights include-
    A complete system for developing and improving our footwork.
    Creating a kung fu set- for fun.

    Sigung spoke a little of the level of current courses, and the opportunity available to students of our wonderful school.

    Here are a couple of quotes I really enjoyed...

    "The current courses are simply ridiculous, even to the initiated.."

    "How can you know what a Mango tastes like, unless you have tasted a mango..".

    We are all looking forward to the next 4 days of training.

    Thank you Sigung.

    Thank you Past Masters.

    Warm wishes to everyone.


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    Best wishes to everyone on the truly is a life changing experience.

    With gratitude to Sifu and the Past Masters,

    Sifu Andy Cusick

    Shaolin Wahnam Thailand
    Shaolin Qigong


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    "a trained mind brings health and happiness"
    - ancient wisdom


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      Ah Nick to be in Penang tonight would be awesome!

      Best wishes to you and everyone on the course, and looking forward to hear more.
      Though to me it sounds ridiculous


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        Wonderful post Nick. We in Shaolin Wahnam are truly blessed.

        Looking forward to hearing more.


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          Hey Nick,

          I'm really happy you're having fun


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            Excellent post Nick,


            "The Power of Tai Chi Chuan. com"


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              Wishing everyone on the course continued success, peace, health and happiness


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                Dear Nick

                Thank you for "reporting" live from the scene. I very much enjoy reading about other people's experiences, so thank you for taking the time to share=)!
                I also wish you tons of fun and TONS of amazing food ;D!

                With gratitude



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                  Same Teaching but Different Emphasis

                  ...Sigung explained to us his teachings have softened some what.


                  Thank you for the inspiring sharing Nick .

                  Wishing you and other brothers and sister at the course the very best .

                  With Shaolin Salute
                  Damian Kissey
                  Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


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                    Dear family,

                    Thanks, Nick for beginning this thread on the wonderfull course we are enjoying. I agree that we are blessed to be able to follow this intensive course.

                    There is a few things I would like to mention:
                    I am very much struck with the total commitment and passion the way Sigung is teaching the fundamentals of the Shaolin arts he must have covered so many times before. I enjoy this focus on the basics very much and I really see why they make such a difference.

                    One of the things that struck me today was that you don’t gain speed by doing things hasty, but by reducing the ‘unnecessary’ actions while staying relaxed. For instance in the ‘Lohan asks the way’ Set we trained this morning, together with the regulation of our breathing.

                    During diner yesterday night Sigung explained some more about the unique position our school is in, following his earlier answer on (question 2). He said that in earlier times it was impossible to have such a concentration of very special styles in one school. One of the reasons is that one master wouldn’t teach his precious knowledge to another master from another school. Also, one master wouldn’t ‘lower’ himself to becoming the student of another master. We are in the privileged situation that Sigung is able to abstract the essence of various styles from information that is openly available (‘secrets hidden in the open’) and pass on the knowledge within Shaolin Wahnam.
                    One thing I would like to add finally is that it is a bit quiet during breakfast compared to the Shaolin Wahnam invasion in the Copthorne Orchid last October before the wedding celebrations. But the eight of us have plenty of fun all the same..! J

                    Thanks very much Sigung, Wei Foong for the excellent organisation and to my brothers in this course who make it even more special.

                    Best wishes!


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                      It's always inspiring to read about Sifu's courses. Thanks, Nick and Bart for sharing your experiences.

                      It also brings back so many wonderful memories of courses in Malaysia

                      Enjoy your training!
                      Jeffrey Segal


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                        I agree, Jeffrey, great memories indeed --- and we were first there in the days before Sifu "softened"
                        Sifu Andrew Barnett
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                          Dear family,
                          The moment I write this it is just before the last session of a wonderful intensive Kung fu course.
                          I really have the feeling that the eight of us have boarded a train that is on a very high speed from beginners to masters’ level. And there is no getting out ! J
                          ‘Master’ is of course very relative, certainly talking about my own situation. The skills are introduced and it will probably take a lifetime to completely grasp everything. I have been confronted with a lot of fundamental aspects of Kung Fu I am doing wrong or can improve, so it has been a great learning experience. To name a few: to really relax when training a set with a partner, to really use the internal force although tempted to rely on mechanical force, and plenty of things in all the sequences concerning right spacing and ensuring my safety. A lot of things to work on..!
                          Having said this, I also feel my Sifu Darryl has done such a great job in teaching me these last 4 years. It feels like the best preparation I could have had for an intensive course like this. So thank you Sifu!
                          In a broader perspective, a great insight this course has given me is that we are actually training Zen. I sort of knew this at a cognitive level, but now I see the bigger picture in this respect.
                          Luckily, there is one more 4 hour session in front of us..! This morning we had some fun adjusting the sequences we learnt to our own sequences. Not only adding/or taking away patterns, changing the leg mode, but also using different handforms. Sigung said it was the first time he introduced this particular aspect in an Intensive Kung Fu course. So also in this respect the Course is quite special.
                          Thank you very much Sigung, for teaching this course.

                          Best wishes,


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                            Excellent post, Bart!
                            Jeffrey Segal


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                              Thank you Sigung and Shaolin Wahnam

                              It was a life changing experience for all 8 of us.And it is still continuing,well after the course was over.
                              Penang was beautiful,I felt guilty for my family not enjoying the sights,sounds and people.

                              Giving extreme thanks to Sigung for initating us to master's level skills and for inspiring us all.He was extremely generous in both skill teaching and advice. In 5 days time,he teaches 50 years worth of extremely high level arts and skills.
                              Some of my favorite quotes from Sigung...
                              "It's just ridiculous!!! Really!!" (Good way:same way Sifu Korahais mentioned,how much skills and secrets are being shared in the school.
                              Bad way:the way some martial arts claim that they use taijiquan and Shaolin "tactics' and "skills" in boxing and kickboxing and bounce around and blatantly call it Taijiquan and Shaolin.)

                              "The more relaxed you are,the more force you will have."

                              "Any questions?"

                              "Don't be tense! Relaaaaaax! Drink some coffee!" (This was during someone attacking him,and him using extremely wonderful timing and spacing.)

                              "Yaaaa!(a blend of an approving shout and a tiger growl.very inspiring to hear it when he says it.) Carry on!"

                              "With force!"

                              "Remember,good form,good force.Enjoy yourself!"

                              "Ok,go,have some fun!"

                              "It is not Opium Smoker reaches for Pipe..."

                              "Ok,now...something very interesting..."
                              There were of course a lot more.
                              Thanks to Wei Foong for all of her help and guidance from way before day 1 and well after day 7...Wei Foong,thank you,your work and your company was and is well appreciated...

                              It was an honor.privilege and a pleasure to be around and train with such fine gentlemen.all of you have a special place in my heart.Thank you Nick,Bart,Mauro,Martin,Leroy,Warren and Leon.It was phenomenal to see growth and development of such a high caliber in a short period of time.

                              Thanks and respect to All Shaolin Wahnam Sifus and practitioners that trained with Sigung before the "softened" course,because if he was soft with us in Penang(and he was)...I can only imagine before...

                              Special thanks to Sifu Mark Blohm,who inspired me and advised me to go to Malaysia to learn from Sigung,and for initiating me into a wonderful art.I wouldn't progress or go this far if it wasn't for his help and guidance.Thank you Sifu Blohm.

                              BTW,I would like to be called Handsome Bear now,if possible.(Thank You,Sigung.)
                              Handsome Bear Andrew

                              If you want to soar to the heights and reach the depths of Kung Fu, you must practice Chi Kung; if you want to soar to the heights and reach the depths of Chi Kung, you must practice meditation.
                              -Sitaigung Ho Fatt Nam

                              You are doing well.Carry on.
                              -Sigung Wong Kiew Kit