Shaolin Warrior Project 2020

like every year in January I will conduct a 10h seminar at my Shaolin Wahnam Institut in Frankfurt Germany.

The main topic is to train and build up the Warrior Spirit.

During fast external movement keeping the internal stillness is one part of a Warrior Spirit.

The Shaolin Warrior Project includes hard bodily work to over come old habits and self-limitation, as well Qi Gong / Neigong and mind / spirit exercises.

Partner fighting sequences with high number of repetitions and combat. You learn tactic and strategy to overcome other martial arts as well stronger opponents.

Frankfurt Germany

Date: Januar 25th & 26th

25th > 2pm - 7pm
26th > 10am - 4pm

For further informations or booking please contact my secretary Caro at:


Looking forward to offer my experiences in other martial arts and how to handle them with Shaolin Kung Fu.

Be happy