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Shaolin Mountain Retreat in Switzerland

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  • Kaijet
    Some more information about the Shaolin Mountain Retreat in Switzerland 2019.

    Like every year we gonna have cooking teams looking after physical well-being. The teams always doing great jobs and all enjoy the always delicious snack. Or is it the mountain air? hahaha just kidding.

    I got some e-mails with following questions and decide to answer them to all here:

    Who can attend? -> All who reach at least Level three in there art, Shaolin Kung Fu or Taijiquan

    Can I attend to both weeks ?-> Yes it is possible and you will get 20% off

    How is accommodation ? -> Dormitory

    Are the meals also vegetarian ? -> Yes the teams will cook vegetarian as well non vegetarian

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  • Kaijet
    started a topic Shaolin Mountain Retreat in Switzerland

    Shaolin Mountain Retreat in Switzerland

    Hello all,

    glad to inform you about the Shaolin ARTs retreat

    The timetable of the Shaolin ARTs Retreat 2019 is fixed as well the topics:


    June 20.07. - 27.07. -> Wudang Taijiquan
    June 28.07. - 03.08. -> 18 Lohan Fist Kung Fu

    Morning -noon -> Inner Cultivation ->Meditation, Dao Yin, Qi Gong, Nei Gong,
    Afternoon -> Set learning, Combat sequences, Applications

    Space is limited -> who come first get first!

    Registration or you need more informations please do not hesitate to ask:
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