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  • Classes in Scotland

    Shaolin Wahnam Kung Fu and Chi Kung Institute

    Classes will be starting in the New Year on the East Coast of Scotland, for both Kung Fu and Chi Kung.

    Classes on the West Coast will be starting later in the year, again teaching Kung Fu and Chi Kung.

    East Coast classes will be held in Edinburgh and Fife, West Coast classes based in Glasgow.

    For further information, contact

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    Season Greeting Darryl, may I be the first to wish you good fortune in this venture. I know you will be a brilliant instructor and Scotland is lucky to have you! Stay lucky!


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      Season greetings Darryl.

      My best wishes for 2003 and beyond.


      Kind Dragon

      P/s Please forward my best wishes to my fellow Highlander.


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        This is perfect timing. I suspect the English in the South coast are secretly raising an army. I am sure they will march North soon.

        In the event that they do march north, I would like to assure you that the McDragons will march with the McColletts - WHENEVER WHEREEVER.

        I am sure my sworn brother and fellow Highlander (and Immortal) McAppleford will march with us against the enemy in the south. I do not know if we can rely on the McDonalds across the Atlantic. :rollin:

        By the way, I no longer fight with the Katana. I simply cannot understand why the McClouds fight with it. I prefer the Chinese double edge broad sword and the spear.

        Good Luck

        The McDragons:rollin:


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          Excellent Darryl, this is great news. I wish you every success with the classes.


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            Thank you to everyone for your kind words and support.

            Unfortunately my PC does not feel the same way and it's unfortunate crash means that I have lost all contact information for potential students.

            If you have recently contacted me regarding class information, please resend your contact details and I will contact you again with the relevant information.