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Grandmaster Wong US Tour 2018 - St Petersburg, Florida

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  • Grimlock
    Dear family,

    For those attending the Legacy of Ng Mui/Asking Bridges course in St Pete, Sifu has posted an excellent video of two sequences to learn here:

    I had no idea what Sifu would post as preparatory material, but I am both excited and intrigued by his choice. The two sequences come from the Flower Set and have some incredible depth to them. The first is from the "force-training" section (although the sequence itself is not primarily for force-training), and the second is from the "sequence" section. Practicing them has brought back the feeling of wonderful flowing force that is somehow unique to the Flower Set, despite our school being rich with sets that emphasize flowing force. As a bonus, I've learned some new details from the videos that I either didn't pick up or weren't taught at the Flower Set course!

    I hope the other attendees are as excited as I am about the course. I'm sure Sifu will have other tricks up his sleeve, but even just having the opportunity to gain some depth by focusing on two superb sequences is fantastic!

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  • Anton S.
    great news!!

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  • Grandmaster Wong US Tour 2018 - St Petersburg, Florida

    Dear family,

    I'm pleased to announce that Grandmaster Wong will be teaching another set of wonderful courses here in sunny St Petersburg, Florida this coming October 7-11, 2018!

    Here is the course schedule:

    Sunday, Oct 7
    Chi Kung for Overcoming Chronic Health Conditions
    Chi Kung for Overcoming Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Pain

    Monday, Oct 8
    Building Internal Force for Strength, Balance and Flexibility
    Standing Zen Meditation for Pristine Clarity of Thought and Spiritual Freedom

    Tuesday, Oct 9 - Thursday, Oct 11
    Asking Bridge Special Focus: Stick to Your Opponent Wherever He Goes
    Legacy of Ng Mui: Follow in the Footsteps of a Shaolin Legend

    Please note that participants in the kung fu course should already know the Shaolin 16 Basic Combat Sequences or 12 Basic Wahnam Taijiquan Combat Sequences.

    The courses will be held overlooking the Gulf of Mexico near some of the best beaches in the world at Tampa Bay Watch, a charitable organization dedicated to preserving the delicate coastal ecosystems. (We will donate a portion of the course proceeds to them.)

    For more details and registration, please visit

    Feel free to contact me directly at if you have any questions.

    We hope you will join us for what is sure to be a wonderful time!