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Hi All,

Just a reminder that the early booking discount for this year’s UK Summer Camp [courses with Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit] ends on 31st March.

In case you don’t remember the details:

Dates: 9th to 15th July
Venue: Tunbridge School, Tunbridge, TN10 3AD

Courses: 9th July Foundations of Nei Gung for Healthier Living
10th July Nei Gung for Meaningful Change
11th July Nei Gung for Expanding Awareness

12th - 15th July Experiencing and expressing "Grand Ultimate” - Wudang Kung Fu [Tai Chi Chuan]

You can find more details of the courses and how to book here

Here is some background to these courses and what you can get out of them:The more people we meet in the world the more we realise how wonderful people are. We see people wanting to make a meaningful contribution to the world, and many are achieving it. However:
  • Physical or mental health problems, or a lack of energy or feeling overwhelmed, can sometimes reduce our effectiveness.
  • Sometimes it is not clear how to play our part in creating useful changes or benefits in the wider world.
  • Sometimes it comes down to a lack of belief in ourselves or the courage or conviction to believe we can make a difference.

During this year’s courses Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit will share how to become more skillful at bringing about useful and meaningful change, while remaining healthy, happy and resilient.

The "Foundations of Nei Gung" course will be different from the fundamental Chi Kung course Sifu runs, "Generating Energy Flow". As Nei Gung is a deeper level of Chi Kung, deeper techniques will be used when entering into a chi kung, or nei gung, state of mind.

To get over the barriers of poor health, lack of energy or overwhelm these courses will include skills for maintaining good health and developing internal force.

To help develop the resilience to carry a plan through these courses will include skills for developing: courage, confidence and self belief. Grandmaster Wong Kew Kit is also skilful at helping people get over those "mind worms" that can tell you, you are useless or can't achieve anything.

To help when things don't go the way we hope, these courses will also teach the skills of tapping into energy reserves and courage when needed.

The last Nei Gung course focusses on the skills of clarity of mind and expanded awareness (sometimes called Zen Mind). This can help avoid getting stuck with limited: beliefs, techniques, methods, understanding or perspective. It can lead us "beyond self" - a good place to be when planning or doing things for the common good.
It seems to us like a wonderful time to be alive.

All the best,

Barry and Tim