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  • Shaolin Winter Camp 2018 venue

    Dear Shaolin family and visitors,

    here is information about the Shaolin Winter Camp 2018 venue and accommodations:

    We are happy to host the Winter Camp at the beautiful and exotic Lapland. If you have never visited Finland in winter, we warmly recommend taking the possibility now!

    The Finnish Lapland is quite different from the northern area in Sweden and Norway (Finnish Lapland borders Sweden, Norway, Russia and the Baltic Sea). There are no mountains as in the neighbouring countries, but vast arctic hills, with reindeers, wolves and other arctic animals.

    This Winter Camp is held in Inari, a town high over the arctic circle. The village of Inari is Finland’s northernmost holiday resort.

    You can reach Inari by air, arriving to the airport of Ivalo. Ivalo is a town near Inari.

    There is a very good possibility to witness the majestic Northern Lights - the Aurora Borealis.

    The course venue Vasatokka is located 10km from the village of Inari. Vasatokka is a resort with hostel-rate accommodations for those who wish to experience the true arctic nature, with very affordable prices.

    Vasatokka offers accommodation in cabins and in dormitories.
    For those arriving with a budget this is a good option.

    You can visit Vasatokka here:

    For those who wish to stay in a 3 star hotel, the Hotel Inari is a good choice.

    We are happy to help with your accommodations, and ensure a reasonable price for your stay.

    Please take note that January is a very busy tourist month in Lapland, so we strongly recommend booking your stay as early as possible!


    We hope to see many of you in 2018,

    Nessa Kahila
    Shaolin Nordic Finland

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    We are very happy that there has already been interest for the coming Winter Camp.

    Here is some important information about the courses and booking your stay in Vasatokka or in Hotel Inari:

    Please remember to apply for the courses before you book the hotel, since all the courses next year will be advanced courses. Just to make sure you can actually participate to the courses.

    The course dates and information will be announced next month, in May, so just hang on until then!

    If you wish to stay at Vasatokka during the courses, please contact us:

    We will get special rates for course participants.


    Best wishes,

    Nessa Kahila
    Shaolin Nordic Finland


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      Arctic Adventure

      Dear Shaolin family and friends,

      now that the course content for the upcoming Shaolin Winter Camp 2018 has been announced we are ready to take your applications.

      Please note that January is tourist season in Lapland. So if you wish to participate, we kindly ask you to book your stay as soon as possible.
      Many hotels are totally booked many months in advance.

      But if you have a little adventurous spirit and wish to experience Lapland nature and culture upclose, Vasatokka (our course venue), offers lodgings in quite reasonable prices, along with the possibility of daily meals.

      If you wish to book your stay in Vasatokka, please contact me.

      We will be posting more information on the venue and courses soon!



      Best wishes,

      Nessa Kahila
      Shaolin Nordic Finland


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        Hotel Inari

        Dear Shaolin family and visitors,

        although there is still time before next winter as we are currently enjoying the beginning of the summer, now is a good time to remind you of the Shaolin Winter Camp.

        We have reserved some rooms in Hotel Inari, with a special price.
        The rooms available are Standard Double room (for two persons) and Standard room single (for one).

        Hotel Inari is already almost fully booked So, if you wish to reserve a place, sooner is better than later.

        We are happy to help you with the reservations,
        don't hesitate to contact us.

        Best wishes,


        Nessa Kahila
        Shaolin Nordic Finland


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          Northern survival guide

          Dear Shaolin family and visitors,

          Since there has already been applications to the Shaolin Winter Camp courses, and most of them from abroad, we decided to put together a little Northern Survival Guide for those participants coming from warmer countries, maybe for the first time to visit beautiful Finland.


          As Inari is very far north in Lapland, Finland, it is useful to know that the temperature can be very cold in winter time. January is usually the most cold of the winter months, so you can be prepared for -10 celsius to -35 celsius below zero. If it’s windy, the air is even colder.

          Another interesting fact about the northern winter is, that in Lapland the sun does not rise at all. So it is dark all the time. This is called ‘kaamos’ in Finnish language, polar night in english.
          In the south of Finland the sun does come up for a short while everyday in winter, but only for a few hours. For those not used to the darkness even in day time, it can be a new and exciting experience.

          Snow. There is usually lots of it.

          If you plan on renting a car, it’s good to have someone drive who has experience how to drive in snow. During winter you can hardly see the road, and the ice and snow can make the roads very dangerous.

          Because of this rare climate and darkness, it becomes possible to see the northern lights very well.
          It’s easier to see the northern lights away from city lights, so you can take a hike a little farther away from buildings. Just be sure not to get lost.

          HOW TO PREPARE

          So, with the cold, snow, darkness and possibly the northern lights, how should you prepare?

          Be sure to bring enough warm clothing.
          A feather lined winter jacket, winter trousers you can put on over your normal trousers, wool socks, knitted cap, cloves, good winter shoes, etc. You really can’t exaggerate.

          When you’re dressed like a little eskimo, you can go see the northern lights, take a dog sled ride, try to see some reindeers and basically just stay alive outside.


          Inari is Finland’s largest, most sparsely populated municipality. Inari village is a small village north of Lapland. (You can reach Inari by airplane. Ivalo is the nearest airport.)
          There is a grocery store and some other basic things for your convenience in Inari, but it’s good to come well prepared.


          Hotel Inari is situated in Inari village.
          We have reserved a few rooms for course participants:
          A single room for one (about 100€ per night)
          A double room for two (about 120€ per night)

          VASATOKKA, our course venue is located 10km from the Inari village.

          There are different accommodation choices in Vasatokka:

          Price is about 30€ per night, per person:

          A shared room with a bed, 2-3 persons per room
          A shared cabin 4-6 persons per cabin
          (the price includes linens and towels, plus a cleaning at the end)

          There is also the possibility of having meals at the course venue:

          Breakfast 7,40€
          Lunch 9,80€
          Dinner 11.80€

          The meals have to be reserved before hand.

          If you want to reserve accommodations or meals,
          please contact me:

          We are very happy to welcome you to the northern Shaolin Winter Camp!
          With the great courses we are going to have, you can join us for a once in a lifetime adventure.

          Best wishes,

          Nessa Kahila
          Shaolin Nordic Finland


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            Shaolin Winter Camp

            Dear Shaolin family and course participants,

            as there have already been quite a few applications to the Winter Camp, we would like to offer the possibility for discounts, if you decide to come as a bigger group (maybe fellow kungfu practitioners from another country).
            So feel free to ask us, if you get a few participants together!

            If so, I would recommend booking a cabin from our course venue Vasatokka (those are for 4-6 people, about 30€ per night/per person) and getting a real arctic adventure feeling.

            Only 6 months to go! I hope everyones set practice is going well. We will be posting the first parts of a few sets this week, to get you started.

            Best wishes,



            Nessa Kahila
            Shaolin Nordic Finland



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              How to get around

              Dear family,

              here is more information about the Shaolin Winter Camp venue, as many participants have been asking the same questions.

              Vasatokka is located in a nature resort, near a big lake, so it is quite isolated and uniquely beautiful.

              For course participants it is advisable to reserve accommodations at Vasatokka, unless you are ready to travel the 10km distance to Inari village daily. In Inari village are at least two hotels, but as it is travel season the prices are quite high.

              Take note that the course time table is quite tight, so there isn’t much time in between the courses.

              Vasatokka provides breakfast, lunch and dinner (they have to be reserved before hand, at least two weeks before the courses). There is also the possbility for vegan and wheat free choices. I highly recommend reserving these, since there isn’t a grocery store in Vasatokka. The nearest grocery store is in Inari village, a larger one in Ivalo.
              There is only a kiosk in Vasatokka, which provides candy, lemonade etc.

              You can reserve the rooms and meals through me, and pay for them directly at Vasatokka.

              The easiest way to get to Vasatokka from Ivalo airport is by taxi.
              I would recommend sharing a taxi with other course participants, so it is not as expensive.
              The drive from Ivalo airport to Vasatokka is about 55 minutes up north.

              If you are used to driving in snow, you can also rent a car. If not, it’s a good idea to share rides. The weather can change quite quickly and it is dark most of the time in winter. Even finnish people have to take extra care when driving in Lapland.

              There is already a nice number of people coming to enjoy the courses as well as the beautiful nature and northern lights. There is still room for more!




              Best wishes,

              Nessa Kahila
              Shaolin Nordic Finland



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                Shaolin Winter Camp accommodations

                Dear family and course participants,

                there is under two months left to the Winter Camp 2018!

                This is a reminder that if you are considering joining the Winter Camp, the reservations for the lodgings and meals at Vasatokka have to be made a month before the courses. So if you are still pondering whether to join us or not, there is still a few weeks left to book a place!

                We don't have reservations for the Hotel Inari anymore, so for those wishing to stay there during the courses, you can book a room directly from Hotel Inari.

                See you soon!

                Best wishes,

                Nessa Kahila
                Shaolin Nordic Finland