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Shaolin Winter Camp 2013

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  • Shaolin Winter Camp 2013

    Dear family and visitors,

    Shaolin Nordic is proud to announce the course selection for Winter Camp 2013!

    This event will be held from 5th to 11th of January 2013 in the beautiful Finnish Lapland.

    For each Winter Camp, we've been fortunate to offer a completely unique course selection featuring the very best in Shaolin arts. The past Winter Camps have featured first courses in:
    • Iron Wire set
    • Hoong Ka Taming the Tiger
    • The Flower Set
    • Southern Shaolin Push Hands
    • Choy Li Fatt
    • Zen

    ...and more...

    This year is no different - actually, 2013 will be even more special:

    Grandmaster Wong has offered to teach a fantastic line-up courses which hold a special significance in the history of Shaolin, and for our worldwide Wahnam school.

    The 2013 Winter Camp will be a grand celebration of the Shaolin arts and the Wahnam school.

    Our course selection is:

    The Legacy of Bodhidharma

    The very essence of the great Bodhidharma's teaching to the original Shaolin monks: Zen, The 18 Lohan Hands, The Art of Sinew Metamorphosis and Bone Marrow Cleansing.

    The Shaolin Lohan Kungfu

    Learn the grandfather of all kungfu styles developed from the 18 Lohan Hands by great fighters and generals who were the first Shaolin monks.

    The Shaolin Wahnam Emblem Weapons

    In the standard or "logo" of Shaolin Wahnam, there are two weapons important to our school: The Three-Section Whip and the Trident to underline the soft and the hard dimensions of our training.

    At the 2013 Winter Camp, Grandmaster Wong will teach you the full philosophy, combat application and skills to use these beautiful weapons separately, against one another, and against other classical kungfu weapons. Appropriately weighed metal weapons will be built especially for this course.
    Attendance will be strictly limited, so be sure to apply soon!

    Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

    Best wishes,
    Markus Kahila
    Shaolin Nordic Finland

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    Winter Camp postponed to 2014!

    Dear family and visitors,

    Regrettably we will have to postpone the Winter Camp, originally slated for Jan 5th to 11th in 2013, to 2014.

    My sincere apologies for any problems this situation may have caused you.

    Unexpectedly losing our venue reservation made it very difficult for us to secure other venues for wintertime, which is the holiday season in Lapland.

    However, the same course selection will be available in 2014. I'm very much looking forward to organizing the event and making it the best and biggest Winter Camp so far!

    Best wishes,
    Markus Kahila
    Shaolin Nordic Finland