My Dear Family and Forum readers,

As there are many emails requesting information on next years Valentine's courses in Ireland with Sifu ( Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit), I am listing them below for the benefit of all.

We are deeply grateful that Sifu has considered coming to Ireland for the
14th time and know that the week will be a wonderful success.

There is a very special surprise..................Sifu will personally teach the first 6 of the Thirty Six Strategies which is AWESOME! (we will discuss this in the Discussion section shortly)

Valentines Festival February 2013

Saturday 16th - Generating Energy Flow 9am -12midday.
Saturday 16th- Bone Marrow Cleansing 2pm -5pm Part 1
Saturday 16th - The Thirty Six Strategies (part 1) 7pm -10pm

Sunday 17th- Bone Marrow Cleansing 9am -12 midday Part 2
Sunday 17th- The Thirty six Strategies (part 2)- 2pm -5pm
Sunday 17th- Graduation Dinner @ 8pm

Monday 18th - Flowing Water, Floating Clouds 9am -12
Monday 18th - Wudang Sword - 2pm -5pm
Same format on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Wednesday 20th- Graduation dinner 8pm.

We look forward to seeing everybody in beautiful Killarney to celebrate with us.

With deepest respect,