Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family members and Forum users,

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Sifu Wong will be conducting the below mentioned courses, for the first time in Dubai

Friday 9th Nov. 2012
8:30am till 12:30pm - Generating Energy Flow
Lunch Break
3:30pm till 7:00pm - Cosmic Energy Shower

Saturday 10th Nov. 2012
8:30am till 12:30pm - Deep Cosmic Cleansing (Part I)
Lunch Break
3:30pm till 7:00pm - Deep Cosmic Cleansing (Part II)
8:00pm Dinner with Grandmaster Wong

It will be a good opportunity to learn the Advance Chi Kung skills of Deep Cosmic Cleansing and combine it with a pleasure trip to Dubai. Today, Dubai is considered to be one of the favourite tourist destinations in the world and November will be just ideal for an adventure to this modern desert.

You will find the registration details at

Should you need any assistance in arranging accomodation, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward to seeing you in Dubai