Special Warrior Project in Thailand

Exercising on the beach on the beautiful island of Koh Chang. Kung Fu at the morning and Tai Chi at the afternoon is offered, the other is an early morning guided meditation at sunrise on the beach followed by Chi Kung.
The Special Warrior Project will take place in November and it is a five-day seminar. Between the units enough time for hammock, boat trips, snorkeling, collecting shells, or just relax etc..
Training sessions each day will be about 6 hours. Also trained with the resources of the beach, such as palm trees, coconuts, sand, water, etc. like Sifu Kai have done in his early asia travelling time.
The Kung Fu lessons are conducted from Sifu Kai Uwe and the Taiqiquan lessons from Sifu Robin.
For more information don´t hesitate to contact us.

| **Dates** |19.-23.11.2012 |
| **Price** | 600,- € / 5 days Warrior Program |
| **Registration** | via Email our secretay Karolina: wahnam@operamail.com |