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Sanshou and Shaolin Warrior Training Training UK

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  • Sanshou and Shaolin Warrior Training Training UK

    The First Training Session for the Sanshou Team is going to take place at Sifu Tim Franklins place near Bognor Regis.

    Date: Sunday 2nd
    Time: 1100 till 2ish
    Cost : 25 pounds

    Although the main aim of this session is coaching for the people entering Sanshou competition, it is going to be open to all people who are past level 2. This is due to the "warrior " aspect of the training and to help people develop the element of threat for training. This will all be done in a controlled and methodical way that will let people evolve into their Kung Fu.

    People attending the session will get great benefits from this, as well as supporting the Family Members

    There will be a sparring element in future sessions that will eventually be done as Full Contact, but as with any of the Wahnam training, it will be done in a systematic way that will let people work at different levels of intensity, force and contact. Leading from light contact, slow speed with many steps before controlled and supervised full contact.

    We are deliberately keeping the cost low as we wish to make this session accessible to as many people as possible. In the future costs may fluctuate, depending on the cost of the venue and location, travel costs etc.

    After the session, we will be having a barbecue and a family gathering, so even if you dont come for the training, then at least come for the food.

    Please PM me if are attending

    Mark Appleford
    Sifu Mark Appleford


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    Dear Family Members,
    I am just letting you know that the Sanshou and Shaolin Warrior Training has been postponed. We will be announcing further training in the near future. If you have any questions then please PM myself of Sifu Tim.


    Sifu Mark Appleford