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  • Fully Alive Chi Kung Weekend

    Fully Alive will be holding another weekend course on May the 11th till 13th.

    As before this will be three Shaolin Wahnam Instructors will be combining their experience to help people develop and deepen their Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung skills.

    Sifu Mark Appleford, Sifu Barry Smale and Sifu Tim Franklin will all be teaching thoughout the weekend. This will give the people attending a great opportunity to benefit from quality teaching from not just one Sifu but three. It will mean every course participant benefits from a high ratio of contact time with an experienced teacher. It is also an opportunity to ask questions specific to your practice and get advice on achieving your aims and objectives.

    It is an exellent opportunity for more experienced students to deepens skills, have their practise reviewed and have a space to ask questions

    We have chosen a wonderful venue for our first weekend, set in ten acres of rolling hills in Sussex within a site designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It was where we set up our joint teaching venture and the countryside and energy there is wonderful.

    This is the second in a series of weekends that are designed to introduce new and existing students to Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung in the UK and help existing students deepen their practice. If you are an existing student and know someone who is ready to benefit from the wonderful skills Sifu has passed on to us all, this is a great chance to get them involved.

    The cost of the weekend is £280, which includes accommodation and food.

    It would be greatly appreciated if people could post the link for the Fully Alive weekend on their Facebook page or send it in an email to established networks or people they know

    It would also be appreciated if brothers and sister would also post the Fully Alive page on their Facebook or again send it to people who they think may benefit from contact with Fully Alive

    You can PM me directly or contact us at


    Sifu Mark Appleford