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Full contact San Shou competition

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  • Full contact San Shou competition

    Are you really a Scholar Warrior?

    Do you really want to help restore traditional Kung Fu?

    Then prove it!

    Full contact San Shou Competition/ Team selection
    (Part of the U.K. Summer Camp event)

    June 23rd Saturday West Sussex U.K. 9.30am-1pm

    Exact Venue TBC

    *The Goal?*
    • To find (select) the best full contact fighters to represent Shaolin Wahnam, in competition
    • To use traditional Kung Fu in a full contact competitive San Shou environment
    • To gain competition experience
    • To develop together

    *The process?*
    • Participating Nations form their own fight teams complete with coach. They then prepare their fighters for the competition appropriately.
    • The teams then fight in June in the U.K.
    • The Best fighters are then hand picked from the various teams to form an 'international fight team' that will represent our school in future competitions.

    • Full-contact San Shou rules apply- Full power strikes to head and body (knock-outs are a possibility)
    • Fighters ideally should be part of a team and should at least bring a corner-man to support them
    • Instructors can fight too.
    • Fighters must bring their own head guards, 12oz boxing gloves, gum shield, and groin protection
    • Even if you do not intend to fight after this competition you will still benefit greatly from the experience

      Below is a picture of some 'Biffo' similar to the type that can be expected in the competition- Remember 'Full power' punches, kicks and throws are allowed, this includes strikes to the head. Fighters must make sure they are prepared before entering.

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