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Three Treasures Mountain Retreat in Ecuador

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  • Three Treasures Mountain Retreat in Ecuador

    Dear Family,

    I am very happy to share with you that Tai Sipak Kai has confirmed the dates for the mountain retreat in Ecuador this May.

    From the 18th in the afternoon to the 20th will go to a beautiful mountain lodge nearby Quito, to do our retreat. The program will focus in the "Family Ho flowing water staff Set", the partner applications and special force training applications with the staff.

    The 17th on the evening will have a review of shaolin kicks and punches also.

    Some brothers and sisters from different countries had already confirmed!

    The 25th and 26th will have a special Chi Kung course. Among the courses will be a selection from the 18th Lohan Arts, special exercises of chi kung using the staff taught for the first time and Zen/ Chan, sitting meditation practiced every day!

    Kenya Araujo will soon post the logistic details and prices!

    Make your reservation with time for this amazing experience!

    From the heart,

    José Antonio