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Sparring weekends in 2012

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  • Sparring weekends in 2012

    Dear family,

    To facilitate the aims of Shaolin Wahnam for 2012, there will be many sparring weekends and special events organized this year.

    The purpose is to help all interested Wahnam students and instructors to increase their combat efficency, and to help Wahnam fighters to train for competitions.

    As you may have noticed, Sifu Robin Gamble and Martin Do already have one sparring event under way in the UK.

    There will be more sparring event announcements to come shortly on this thread.

    Bottom line - better make room in your calendars!

    Best wishes,
    Markus Kahila
    Shaolin Nordic Finland

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    March 24th - 25th 2012, Sparring weekend in Frankfurt

    Dear family,

    The first sparring weekend this year will be held in Frankfurt at Sifu Kai Uwe Jettkandt's kwoon in March 24th to 25th!

    The weekend will be hosted by Sifu Robin Gamble of Shaolin Wahnam Thailand.

    The themes will include:
    • Traditional kungfu sparring / Sparring with 10 tigers rules
    • Understanding and being able to perform common San Shou attacks, using pads and partner work (Know your opponent)
    • With protective gear - Drills for traditional Kung Fu vs. San Shou i.e. how to counter the common attacks (Know your self)
    • With protective gear - Sparring traditional vs. San Shou with San Shou or Qing Da rules (test)

    Please bring along:
    • Gum shield
    • Groin protection
    • 12 oz gloves or MMA sparring gloves
    • Shin guards (if possible)

    The weekend will be free of charge. However, all participants are encouraged to present a donation in a red envelope for our kind host.

    Needless to say, this will be a fantastic opportunity to hone your skills and have a massively fun weekend with the Wahnam family.

    We would like to thank Sifu Robin for agreeing to host the weekend, Sifu Kai for letting us use his kwoon, and the good people of Shaolin Wahnam Germany helping with the arrangements.

    Best wishes,
    Markus Kahila
    Shaolin Nordic Finland