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Shaolin & The Art of Negotiation, Amsterdam 2012

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  • Shaolin & The Art of Negotiation, Amsterdam 2012

    In September 2011, Sifu Piti gave a one day introduction workshop about negotiation and conflict resolution. It was extremely well received and taught high-level skills in a warm, friendly and valuable way. As part of the Scholar Project 2012, this year Shaolin Wahnam Amsterdam is very happy to be hosting the much anticipated ..

    Shaolin and the Art of Negotiation

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    May 17 & 18 2012

    Shaolin and The Art of Negotiation
    Taught by Sifu Piti, from Shaolin Wahnam South America

    This two day event will introduce and explain the key elements of all successful negotiations from a master negotiator, Sifu Piti Parra Duque.

    Participants will learn
    • how to fully connect with yourself and the intended party
    • how to connect with care and respect to the others values and position
    • how conflict can be used as a necessary and beneficial part of the process
    • how flowing with the situation allows the creation of win-win situations with full value agreements
    • how 'Smiling From The Heart' can be used to transform any situation into a desirable outcome

    .. and much, much more.

    When I asked some of the participants what they had taken from the workshop, they replied ..

    Originally posted by Inge View Post
    It was an absolutly heart opening and mind expanding experience!
    Originally posted by Jeroen View Post
    It’s like suddenly getting new tools to transfer all your hard earned shaolin chi kung skills to your daily life.
    Originally posted by Anke Verhees View Post
    This workshop has had a really beautiful and deeply powerful impact on myself, and I believe also on the rest of the group.

    You can read their full testimonials, and many more, here.

    Course Information

    Course Location
    Combidance Studio
    Spuistraat 239, Amsterdam
    1012 Amsterdam Centrum

    Course Times and Dates
    Thursday 17 May, 9.00 - 12.00 & 14.00 - 17.00
    Friday 18 May, 9.00 - 12.00 & 14.00 - 17.00

    Costs: 350 Euros for Shaolin Wahnam members, 450 Euros non-members.

    Email shaolinnu @

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    With just over two weeks to go, there's still time to register for this wonderful two day event.