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  •, A New Website for the Supplementery Arts of Shaolin Wahnam

    Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family, Friends, and Guests,

    Sifu Emiko Hsuen and I are pleased to announce the launching of a new website, The objective of this website is to specifically focus on the supplementary arts that Sifu teaches outside of the main curriculum, thereby further highlighting the "glory of kungfu". This website should also help to establish a friendly and respectful connection with other martial artists and masters from other schools, allowing them to feel comfortable about learning from us to enhance their own art without their needing to permanently leave their own schools/kwoons/dojos. It is hoped that they will enjoy the re-integration of the "internal essence and combative applications" of kungfu back in to their own art for posterity.

    Personally speaking, the understanding I had of my past kungfu styles, like Choy-Li-Fatt and Tan Tui, has greatly deepened since learning the genuine, traditional Shaolin arts from Grandmaster Wong. It is my belief that many schools of other styles of kungfu are keen to recover the "internal essence and combative applications" of kungfu, which they can achieve through an intensive course with Grandmaster Wong.

    Please visit for further details. You'll see exciting courses such as Eagle Claw, Lion Dance, and Wing Choon.

    If you're interested to make contact with other martial artists of other styles, by all means, feel free to send this website link along to them and wait to see what happens!

    Yours Truly,
    Michael Chow

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    Congratulations! It looks nice and I'm sure you will accomplish your goal.
    Anthony S

    Western USA

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      Dear Emiko Sije and Michael Siheng,

      This is brilliant! I have been lucky enough to have a number of confirmations that genuine kungfu exists outside our school, in Taijiquan, Xingyiquan and Praying Mantis so far. I will also be taking Eagle Claw and Wing Chun with Sifu, so I think this is a wonderful development! I am very fascinated to keep my eye on this site in future.

      Nice site too, very clear, uncluttered and bright, I like.



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        Congratulations Emiko and Michael!
        I´m sure it´ll be very enjoyable, interesting and informative.
        Daniel Pérez


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          congratulations !

          well looking and informativ - hope it will be indexed by google soon to
          lg Irene Hewarth


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            What a great idea Emiko and Michael! Best wishes with it.


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              It's a nice idea - more dialogue, with people sharing knowledge, whether Shaolin Wah Nam people sharing their stuff, or people sharing their stuff with Shaolin Wah Nam, might go some way to getting round the misunderstandings that occur when people discuss stuff via the net.