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  • Help Sifu Wong with his Web Site!

    Hi everyone,

    After a discussion with Sifu, I will be taking on a big project. This project will involve making some important changes to Sifu's websites in an effort to help Sifu make more efficient use of his time. I will be in charge of this project, and initially, I will be doing much of the work myself.

    In the near future, I would like to pass on this project to one or several trusted Shaolin Wahnam students or instructors. Those of you who are skilled with web design can potentially inherit this project. Here is an overview.

    The first step is to change all of Sifu's main site from absolute links to relative links. I will take care of this, although I welcome advice on how to go about this. From there, we'll move the entire site to a more appropriate domain ( was a temporary solution that ended up being not so temporary). From there, we'll begin the gradual process of relieving Sifu of the time he spends maintaining his website.

    At present, Sifu does 99.9% of the work on his website. I'm sure that all of you will agree that Sifu's time is better spent teaching courses, writing books, and taking Simu out to eat. The goal of this project is to help Sifu to better leverage his time. I envision a win-win situation where Sifu has more time, and where students are happily helping their beloved teacher as well as earning a discount for upcoming courses.

    By the end of 2008, I would like to have a system set up where Sifu simply emails his Q&As to a student. The student will then organize the information and upload it to the website. The same will apply to articles and videos. This will give Sifu more time to teach, write books, etc. In the process, the student will receive a discount towards courses with Sifu in Malaysia.

    Students interested in this project must meet the following requirements:
    • You are a Shaolin Wahnam student.
    • You have the necessary computer skills.
    • You are responsible and reliable.
    • You have met Sifu Anthony in person.
    • You are willing to work for trade

    Those who don't meet the requirements, or who are too busy to take it on, can still contribute. Mostly, I'll need technical advice as I work on the project. The forum is probably a good medium for that, and everyone should feel free to contribute to threads on the subject.

    Speaking of contributing, feel free to contribute your comments, questions, and suggestions to this thread. You may also contact me directly via PM or email.

    All the best,
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    Sifu Anthony Korahais
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    Hey Anthony I've (unfortunately) never met you but I am interested in helping out any way I can.
    from the ♥


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      Same here Anthony, I'm willing to help although I haven't met you in person I'll start right away and give my .2 cents:

      As for the conversion of the absolute links to relative links, I'm guessing that a regular expression to convert the absolute links to relative links should work. If it's a *nix environment I know you can do some bash magic to replace all hrefs from absolute links to relative links:
      <A href="{1}" to <A href="{1]"">
      I can grab all the Sifu's site using a web reaper or so and try this on my own pc.


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        Thank you Sifu Anthony for taking this huge project. Sigungs website has so much very good information which is so important, but a lot of it is lost by the totally unclear navigation and structure of the site.

        I would suggest to think about a clear concept of the design of the site, which maybe could also look a bit more reputable , a clear navigation and putting all the content into a online-database system - that would be the best way with the best result, but it's also the most work... but afterwards a database would be way more easy to update than it is now.

        Unfortunately I'm one of the too-busy-group to take it on and I also never met you in person and my technical skills would stop at building a database , but if needed I would be pleased to offer some help in design, concept and graphic stuff for the site...

        I wish you all the best for this project!



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          Anthony Siheng,

          I would be glad to help out. Please let me know what I can do. My computer skills are not too great, but would be glad to help out with the less technical tasks.


          Charles David Chalmers
          Brunei Darussalam


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            I think it's a wonderful project to "rebuild" Sifu website. Unfortunatly I can not help because I don't know much about internet and computers.

            As a daily user of sifu website I believe i'm "trained" to find the information I want when I want it, but sometimes even I have some trouble to find a specific video or article.

            Sifu website has lot's of information,I have learned a lot from it, it's like an extra book but even better because it's updated almost daily. It just need to be more simple and with a clear navigation. Many times I wanted to share some information or videos with friends I need to send them the link to the page, because they have trouble to find it in the website.

            Thanks for the initiative



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              From the posts so far I think we can all agree that organizing the massive amount of information in a way that it's easy to find is the first priority. A nice presentation also wouldn't hurt.
              from the ♥


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                Hey Anthony,

                Count me in as well. I'm an application programmer and have very limited knowledge of web programming but if you give me a task I could probably figure it out by reading or asking my friends and in the process learn a new trade.



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                  This is huge.
                  I lack hardcore webskills (CSS, PHP, Google), but I am very much willing to help with minor editing, proofing, and graphic related stuff. Of course there are many many Shaolin Wahnam students with more Web-Fu, but I'd love to contribute in any way I can.
                  I think farming this out (under a good project manager) is a fantastic idea, and helps to reinforce the fact that Sifu has a posse™*.

                  *i.e. He has many devoted students who are willing to help out.


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                    Dear Anthony Sihing,

                    I'd like very much to help in this project.
                    Fortunately, I have met you, and we'll meet again in April.
                    I have ample spare time, and I'll try my best to be responsible and to be reliable.

                    Right now, I don't have much computer skill in web design; I am prepared to learn and work hard if necessary.

                    Perhaps you could give me a hint where and how to start learning the computer skills needed for the project? (For example, which sites in the web to look at; is it possible to self learn provided there are good learning materials in the web?)

                    Devotedly yours,
                    Your Sidai,
                    开心 好运气
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                    open heart... good chi flow... good luck ...
                    Have we not opened up thy heart ...? (The Reading, 94:1)
                    Be joyful, ..and share your joy with others -(Anand Krishna)


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                      I'm time limited, but I'm in with as much as I can offer

                      I tried doing some web-grabbing some time ago. It works well (with the right setup) in replacing absolute with relative linking. However, it is not a 100% solution and requires the site to be "frozen" for some time to do the editing and get it back online. And considering the total size of Sifu's website (>1.5GB including the videos), it may not be an option anyway.

                      Anthony .... I'll PM you separately.
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                        Anthony Sipak,

                        I would be happy to help - I am a geek by trade, after all.

                        My web-design skills: HTML/CSS/PHP+SQL. I can't design pretty pages (I let my little brother do that - he's really good), but I can write good code. Plus I know a fair bit about hosting, server management, policies (e.g. backup) and I thoroughly understand how DNS works.

                        CV, code samples etc. can be provided on request.

                        Best wishes,
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                        George / Юра
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                          I start a new job on monday so don't think I could cope with the exta work at this time.
                          Maybe if help is still needed in a couple of months time I could chip in then?
                          I haven't done much web development, but like Dkwok I'm a programmer and think I could work it out with the aid of books / friends and it would be a great new skill to learn.

                          Just one thing I would like to add for now:
                          I have heard a few negative comments over time from people on the presentation of the website.
                          I may be in the minority but I wouldn't want the presentation to change!
                          I still remember the day vividly, when I was going through a bad time in my life, and I discovered Sifu's website.
                          I remember the colours and the layout vividly, particularly of the question and answer pages which gave me hope and optimism that I didn't have before.
                          If I have a bad day now, a log on to the same pages still gives me a lift - even before I start reading.
                          So thats why I wouldn't want the presentation to change too much!


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                            Dear Sipak,

                            I would be very happy to offer my services as well.

                            I am a Flash Developer by trade and I also have a little skill in design,HTML,CSS,PHP+MySQL.



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                              Dear Sifu Antony,

                              I Am not yet a official student (altough I have learned chi kung from Dr Ricardo Salvatore In Portugal), Hoppelly I will start the Kung fu class in Amsterdam soon , nor have I meet you, but if you need more help I would like to assist.

                              My web development skills are limited but if you requier other skills like C++, infrastructures, process design and testing I offer to help In Any way I can.

                              All the best,

                              Pedro dos Santos
                              Pedro dos Santos