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Calling all instructors of all schools

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  • Andrew
    We have now started the adjustment of user titles with those of the Shaolin Wahnam Instructors and will be making changes to other user titles in the near future.

    Please note that we can only change titles of those who contact us specifically and include the required information.


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  • Andrew
    started a topic Calling all instructors of all schools

    Calling all instructors of all schools

    We at Shaolin Wahnam are aware and proud that so many instructors of other schools and systems than our own actively participate in our discussion forum. To acknowledge these instructors and to allow them to be correctly addressed we would like to invite all qualified and certified instructors to contact us so that we can change your user titles from "Registered User" to something more appropriate for your status.

    Please email the forum administrators (forumadmin @ .. please remove the spaces if copying and pasting) with the following information and we will gladly make the required changes:

    Title within your school (e.g. Sifu)
    First and last name
    Level (e.g. Instructor, Senior Instructor)
    School name
    A photograph of yourself
    Some form of validation of your titles etc.

    These last 2 points are not intended to be discriminatory but we would like to ensure that only genuine instructors are refered to as such.

    As an example of the change would be my own case:
    User name: WahnamCH
    User title: Sifu Andrew Barnett - Instructor, Shaolin Wahnam Switzerland

    We look forward to continuing to welcome instructors and students of all schools and systems here.