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We were hacked!

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  • We were hacked!

    As you will have noticed, our forum website was hacked into on 29th September 2019 (CET). After almost a week of working on it, we have finally been able to recover the site and forum.

    IMPORTANT: No user data such as passwords were compromised!

    During the recovery process, we have also updated the forum software to the latest (and safest) stable version. Please contact us if you notice any unusual behaviour.

    Sifu Andrew Barnett
    Shaolin Wahnam Switzerland -

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    Heilbehandlungen mit Sifu Andrew Barnett - in der Schweiz und International

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    Thank for your never-ceasing hard work, Sihing!



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      Our virtual kwoon is fortunate to have such a hardworking and persistent admin as yourself, Siheng.

      Thank you

      With Shaolin Salute,
      Lee Wei Joo


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        Thank you, dear Siheng, for recovering our forum and your continuous hard work!

        Best wishes,

        Sifu Leonard Lackinger

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        Shaolin Wahnam Wien
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          Very much thanks Andrew Sir , honorable guardian of our Kwoon

          Best wishes always to your goodself and family.
          Damian Kissey
          Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


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            I was wondering what had happened

            Back in action


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              Can't keep a good forum down.

              Thank you for all your efforts Andrew Sipak!
              George / Юра
              Shaolin Wahnam England

              gate gate pāragate pārasaṁgate bodhi svāhā