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Shaolin Wahnam Forum Year-End Awards, 2016

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  • Shaolin Wahnam Forum Year-End Awards, 2016

    Dear Family and Friends,

    With thanks, as ever, to Sifu, it is with great pleasure that I announce the First Shaolin Wahnam Year-End Forum Awards, 2016.

    Following the success and fun of the First Shaolin Wahnam Poetry Contest, Sifu has kindly offered "attractive prizes" for the winners of the following categories.

    1. Student Contributor of the Year (To be Chosen By the Instructors)
    2. Instructor Contributor of the Year (To Be Chosen by the non-instructors, guests and students)
    3. Photography Contest
    4. Video Contest
    5. Best Thread Started (judged on both quantity and quality)
    6. Best Contributor in Non-English Language

    While the Forum Awards Committee has yet to work out finer details, I very much wanted to share the good news with everyone, both as a Christmas surprise, and because we will begin the Award Events on January 1st starting with the Photography Contest. So get your cameras ready, and stay tuned!

    Happily Yours,

    Charles David Chalmers
    Brunei Darussalam