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Shaolin Winter Camp 2012

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  • Shaolin Winter Camp 2012

    The Shaolin Winter Camp 2012 website is now open!


    Shaolin Winter Camp is an international course event of traditional, high-level Shaolin arts that will be held in Oslo, Norway from 6th to 13th of January in 2012.

    The event will host a comprehensive selection of unique courses in chi kung (qigong), kungfu and Zen of the Shaolin tradition. We are proud to welcome the fourth generation Shaolin Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit as the teacher for the Winter Camp courses.

    Our Courses

    For this year, we have "only" three courses. However, each of these courses is a very special one, and most of them will most probably be available this time only.

    The courses are composed to transmit together comprehensive Shaolin teaching, covering the crucial functions of classical Shaolin - namely health, vitality, combat efficency, personal and mental development, and spiritual cultivation.

    Chi Kung courses

    We are very proud to host this unique, specially composed course. For the first time, the teaching of Bodhidharma's Shaolin arts is made available in its entirety taught by Grandmaster Wong, including:

    • The Art of Generating Energy Flow (Selected patterns of 18 Lohan Hands)

    • The Art of Sinew Metamorphosis (Selected patterns from the Yi Jin Jing)

    • The Art of Bone Marrow Cleansing (Xi Sui Jing)

    • A Touch of Zen

    Many of these arts are nowadays commonly considered lost, or are wildly misunderstood. Now you can learn their essence directly from a living successor of the unbroken Shaolin tradition!

    I'm looking forward to sharing this historical course with you. Definitely not to be missed!


    Kungfu Courses

    Choy-Li-Fatt (or more commonly Choy Lee Fut) is a famous style of Southern Shaolin Kungfu founded by patriarch Chen Harng (Chan Heung). Its kungfu forms are long-reaching, wide-spreading and “hard” — ideal for revolutionaries fighting mass warfare – and exceedingly effective for combat.

    We have very exciting announcements on the way regarding this course: With this one-off course at the 2012 Shaolin Winter Camp, the great art of Choy Li Fatt returns to its Shaolin roots!


    This course is meant for practitioners of Shaolin Kungfu – or any traditional kungfu style – who wishes to learn the complete methodology to use traditional kungfu forms and footwork with great efficency against other styles, such as Boxing, Kickboxing, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Shootfighting and Muay thai.

    In short, you will be handed the first-hand experience how traditional kungfu techniques in real combat are unquestionably a great advantage.

    Combined with the Choy Li Fatt -course, you have a package specifically composed for those interested in serious combat efficency and fighting tournaments. Highly recommended.


    More information about our courses and event details will soon be updated to our website!

    Best wishes,
    Markus Kahila
    Shaolin Nordic Finland

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    Dear family and visitors,

    Our Winter Camp 2012 website has updated – our site now includes course details, and we're accepting applications!

    Best wishes,
    Markus Kahila
    Shaolin Nordic Finland