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Promoting Shaolin Arts in the UK Please Read

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  • Promoting Shaolin Arts in the UK Please Read

    Dear Family Members,
    I have recently become the Chief Instructor in the UK. And I have just been reminded how great the arts we practise are by attending the Small Universe Course.

    I was really inspired by the Essence of Shaolin and this inspiration has made me want to spread the arts.

    What we practise can be of great benefit to many people but we are not that well known comparitevly.

    I am trying to raise the profile of Wahnam in the UK and one of the most useful ways to do this is by contacting people who have infleunce or access to many studenst etc.

    People who are in business, self development, spiritual expansion, Health, ethics etc.

    If you know anyone in the UK or connected to the UK and can give me a personal introduction, so I can start a dialogue this would be greatly appreciated.

    Please contact me by PM

    Many Thanks

    Mark Appleford
    Sifu Mark Appleford