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Steve - removed from Shaolin Wahnam

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  • Steve - removed from Shaolin Wahnam

    The forum user "steve" has, until now, been a Shaolin Wahnam Student. Because of his actions on this forum, a Council of Elders of Shaolin Wahnam was convened. They have consulted with our Grandmaster and, with his approval, decided that:
    "Steve" may no longer be a member of our school, Shaolin Wahnam.

    His forum user title has been changed to reflect this change in status.

    This removal from our school is actually in Steve's best interest as it makes no sense for him to remain part of a school with which he is in disagreement with it's basic philosophy.

    On behalf of Shaolin Wahnam, I would like to wish Steve well for his future. He is, of course, most welcome to remain active in this forum as a guest.

    N.B. It is important to note that Steve’s removal from our school is not due to his views differing from ours. Far more important is his continuing inappropriate behaviour as a student - and that despite repeated warnings. Students are of course welcome to air their different views. This airing, though, should be done respectfully.
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