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Shaolin Chi Kung Book available!

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    I don't remember if I said this when I first purchased your book, Marcus, but it is a very good book. I refer to it frequently and really appreciate having it!
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      One of the Best!

      Hello All!

      Well I have received my copy of the book a week ago and just got done reading it. Sifu Marcus's book is very organized, planned and insightful, It helped me better undestand the 18 Lohan hands, (and yes I have learned them from an instructor.), so the Book also does serve me as a guide, as I was reading I realized that I had forgotten at least three forms, as at the time I was mainly working on other forms that benefited the organs, and I was brought to light on a preparation exercise I never learned, and one of the other exercises I had forgotten in one form (non-spoiler), still I practice daily, and going through this book has actually helped in deeping my practice more than before! It's a Great Book one of the best! Great job maybe you can do one on Shaolin Kung Fu one day!

      Note: here on the forum Sifu Marcus wanted to know of any mistakes, Well there really are no mistakes in the writing but I did notice that the first Page with the Lifting Heels Bending Knee's exercise did not have the benefit's listed on the bottom page (Mainly though Marcus is trying to show the Exercise in great detail) so I see there not enough room for it, but I think it would have made it more uniform. so if a revision is ever done it is something you can look into.

      Very Well thought out and planned, Excellent Job! hope to see more like this out there! And Thanks For the Kind message!

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        Dear Everybody,

        Thank you for your kind words and support.

        Just wanted to let you know that the book is now sold out!

        Which is great news from my perspective

        I am thinking of creating a multi media downloadable version with videos of each of the 18 patterns.

        What do you think? There is always the danger of video material being used as a substitute for direct teaching from a certified instructor. There is a saying:

        A picture paints a 1000 words

        Well if that's true a video taking 30 frames a second = 30 000 words per second!

        Now that may seem like a lot of words, but compared with the direct transmission, teaching and experience of an instructor - it is nothing. But unfortunately for those who haven't had the benefit of learning from a qualified instructor, it often seems like enough.

        I will consult with Sifu on this matter and seek his advice.

        Thank you to everyone who bought a copy of my book - you are my favourite people

        Kindest regards
        Namo Amitabha Buddha Namo Amitabha Buddha Namo Amitabha Buddha


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          The book is now sold out!
          Congratulations Siheng!

          Now we need to change the title of the thread to "Shaolin Chi Kung Book Now Unavailable!"

          Until the Second Printing,

          Charles David Chalmers
          Brunei Darussalam


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            Dear Marcus,

            Congratulations! Please informe as soon as a new printing will be available.

            Kind regards,