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Sifu Wong at The Blue Mountain in Costa Rica

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  • Sifu Wong at The Blue Mountain in Costa Rica

    Dear all,

    I'm very glad and honored to announce that this year again, from February 20th on, we will have the indescribable opportunity to have Sifu Wong Kiew Kit at The Blue Mountain, the Shaolin Wahnam Center for Latin America which is located in Costa Rica in a natural sanctuary with a Guan Yin Temple, consecrated by Sifu Wong in 2004.

    Sifu said the best courses he ever held until now were at The Blue Mountain. The sacred presence of the Great Bodhisattva Guan Yin during Sifu Wong's teachings irradiate an extraordinary spiritual atmosphere that everybody experiences and benefits.

    The details of this event at The Blue Mountain can be found at

    For those interested to participate in the chi kung courses, there are still a few spaces available at The Blue Mountain in the Monk Style accommodation. In addition, we can provide accommodation in a beautiful neighboring mountain lodge, 20 minutes away from the center, with complimentary daily transfers.

    For the following week of taijiquan, all types of accommodations are still available at the center, but in small number. Welcome!

    Kind regards.
    Sifu Rama