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New revised editions for 2016

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  • New revised editions for 2016

    Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

    Two books from Sifu has been revised and the newly revised editions is now available on Amazon.

    1. The Complete Book of Tai Chi Chuan (Revised Edition) - 9789834087999
    Main revision is on various styles of Tai Chi Chuan like 24-Pattern, 48-Pattern, Wudang, Chen Style, Yang Style, Wu Yu Xang Style, Wu Quan You Style and Sun Style. The past edition explaining these styles according to past masters. In this newly revised edition, Sifu mainly focus explaining these styles according to our Shaolin Wahnam school. The patterns in these styles also follow Shaolin Wahnam syllabus. Sifu even add in the URL for videos for various style in this new book.

    2. Introduction to Shaolin Kungfu (Revised Edition) - 9789834087975
    Main revision is on the layout and the way to present information. The book still focus on using "Dragon-Tiger Set" to explain many important Shaolin Kungfu principles and secrets, as well as using the set to explain many kungfu applications. All of the old photos are maintain. On the other hand, corrections has been made for errors in previous edition.

    I hope you find them interesting and benefit from them.

    With Shaolin Salute,
    Chun Yian
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