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Farewell Sifu Andreas Czaga - Thank you for the donations!

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  • Leo Shaolin
    Thank you message of Andreas' family

    Andreas' girlfriend, Iris, asked me to post the following thank you message, which I translated, on her behalf:

    Dear Shaolin Wahnam family,

    I would like to thank each and every one, who has supported us so generously after Andreas‘ passing.

    Andreas has considered Shaolin Wahnam as his family and being part of that family has greatly enriched his life.

    I am deeply moved by the huge amount of honest sympathies and condolences we received and glad for Andi that he obviously had a lot of good friends in Wahnam.

    I would also like to thank Leo who wrote such a beautiful obituary and installed the donation page for us.

    I am going to leave our current home, because a house in the woods, that is not accessible by car in winter, is not feasible with two young children.

    Therefore, your kind donations were really very helpful. Thanks to your help I could find a nice home for us.

    Our sons are named Leonhard (4 years old) and Samo (2 years old).

    If they keep their current enthusiasm, you will probably meet them someday at one of the Kung Fu courses (when they are old enough).

    Thank you very much everyone!

    I wish you all the best,

    Here is the German version:

    Liebe Shaolin Wahnam-Familie!

    Ich möchte mich gerne bei allen bedanken, die uns nach Andreas Tod so großzügig unterstützt haben.

    Andreas hat Wahnam auch als seine Familie betrachtet und diese Zeit hat sein Leben sehr bereichert.

    Es rührt mich sehr wie viel aufrichtige Anteilnahme uns zuteilwurde und es freut mich auch sehr für Andi, dass er offensichtlich so viele gute Freunde bei Wahnam hatte.

    Ich möchte auch Leo danken, der einen so wunderschönen Nachruf geschrieben hat und diese Spendenseite für uns eingerichtet hat.

    Ich werde unseren momentanen Wohnort verlassen, weil ein Haus im Wald zu dem ich im Winter nicht mit dem Auto zufahren kann mir mit zwei Kindern zu viel ist.

    Daher konnten wir die Spenden wirklich gut brauchen. Dank eurer Hilfe konnte ich ein schönes Zuhause für uns finden.

    Unsere Söhne heißen: Leonhard (4 Jahre) und Samo (2 Jahre).

    Falls ihre Begeisterung sich hält, werdet ihr sie vermutlich irgendwann in einem Kung Fu-Kurs treffen (wenn sie alt genug sind).

    Ich danke euch vielmals und wünsche euch alles Liebe!


    Here are some pictures of Andreas' lovely family:




    And a legendary Golden Bridge picture of Sifu Andreas:


    As by Iris' request, the donation channels are now closed.

    I am humbled by the generosity our Shaolin Wahnam family showed in those times of need.

    Best wishes,


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  • Leo Shaolin
    Thank you to:
    Thomas Glattli Switzerland
    Sifu Kevin Barry Ireland
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  • Leo Shaolin
    Thanks go out also to:
    Fabian Chavannes Switzerland

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  • Leo Shaolin
    Thank you to:

    Olli Hartikainen Finland
    A humble donor

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  • Leo Shaolin
    Thank you also to:

    Sifu Michael Simon USA
    Christopher Swacha Canada
    Max Paulus UK
    Francisco Javier Martinez Spain

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  • Leo Shaolin
    Thanks to:
    Flowing Water Staff Group Switzerland
    Jan Hasler Switzerland

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  • Leo Shaolin
    Thank you to:

    Troy Williams
    David Langford USA

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  • Leo Shaolin
    Thank you to:

    Sifu Chris Didyk USA
    Chris Pearce UK
    Daniel Neubauer Austria
    Astrid Volfing Austria
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  • Leo Shaolin
    And thank you to:

    Michael Schmidt
    Heinrich Lackinger Austria
    René Hillbrand Austria
    Sifu Alexey Garshin Russia
    Nina Gurk Germany

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  • Leo Shaolin
    Thank you to:

    A Humble Donor Germany
    Nura Kassoume
    Sifu Maxime Citerne Germany/France
    Dr. Astrid & Heiko Schramme Austria
    Jorge Guanter
    Claudio Matricardi Italy
    Margarita Gorodezky Germany
    Dr. Martin Kestel Germany
    Sifu Mark Blohm Taiwan
    George Borisov England
    Andrea & Kurt Becker Austria
    Jaskaran Diu England

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  • Leo Shaolin
    A big thank you from the heart goes out to:

    Binia Marti Switzerland
    Sifu Mark Harnisch Germany
    Nura Kassoume
    Sonja Bott Germany
    Sifu Anton Schmick Germany
    Special thanks also to Sifu Anton for intensively helping to spread the word.

    Best wishes,


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  • Leo Shaolin
    List of donators

    On behalf of Sifu Andreas' family I want to thank everyone in our Shaolin Wahnam family for their generous donations in trying times.

    The generosity of our family in times of need is overwhelming and I could already pass on the first part of our collection to Iris, Leonhard and Samo.

    Please undertand that I can't manage to answer every single donor personally at the moment, especially as I am currently Sifu's host for his courses in Vienna. It's a pity that we can't have our dear brother here for the first Kung Fu courses in Austria.

    Therefore, please check this list to see if your donation has arrived and contact me if yours is missing to prevent that any sending gets lost.

    So far we have received the following donations (in order of arrival):

    Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit Malaysia
    Sifu Leonard Lackinger Austria
    Sifu Emiko Hsuen Canada
    Dr. Roseline & Dr. Damian Kissey Malaysia
    Eugen Kara Germany
    Sifu Andrew Barnett Switzerland
    Santiago Criado Cabo Spain
    Sifu Claude Scicluna Malta
    Shaolin EnerQi Switzerland
    Sifu Nessa & Sifu Markus Kahila Finland
    Sifu Hubert Razack Canada
    Sifu Charles Chalmers Brunei
    Julia & Siegfried Griffaton Germany
    Karem Shanab Austria
    Peter Neubauer Austria
    Steffen Wankmüller Germany
    Sifu Andrea Zilio Switzerland
    Miguel Ping Portugal
    Philip Milsom England
    Hannes Lerchbacher Austria
    Bernhard Hentschel Austria
    Valentina Keserü Austria
    A Humble Donor England
    Sarah Schlegel Switzerland
    Jolanda Kocher Switzerland
    Florian Ullrich Gerigk Germany
    Kaarina Valtasaari Finland
    Brendan Darcy Ireland
    Sifu Roeland & Gertjan Dykema Netherlands
    Walter Meislinger Austria
    Michael Paul Korthals Austria
    Horst Scheffler Austria
    Sifu Kai Uwe Jettkandt Germany
    To be continued...

    Thank you again for your help and your quick action!
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  • Leo Shaolin
    Now, after reading this tragic news, I invite you to join this thread to pass on your condolences and wishes:

    Sifu Andreas Czaga Memorial Thread

    Let us share our photos and memories of the time with our beloved brother and celebrate his life!

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  • Farewell Sifu Andreas Czaga - Thank you for the donations!

    Dear family,

    I am deeply shaken as I tell you that our beloved Shaolin brother, Sifu Andreas Czaga from Austria, passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, 9th April, aged 38.

    He suddenly woke up at night with pain in the chest and shortness of breath, and passed away quickly in the arms of his girlfriend. The tentative medical assessment for the cause of his passing is: heart attack.

    He is leaving behind two little children, Leonhard and Samo, his girlfriend, Iris, and his students.

    Sifu Andreas was a student of Grandmaster Wong for about 12 years, starting with Chi Kung and later adding Tai Chi Chuan, Shaolin Kung Fu and Wing Choon Kung Fu.

    He had to undergo many operations as a child, due to a funnel chest, and was not allowed to do sports at all. When he turned 9, the doctors gave their approval and stressed out that consistent training would be essential in preventing the disease from recurring. He was already a big fan of Bruce Lee, so he didn’t waste a moment to start on his martial arts path, as well as to pick up other sports like snowboarding. His father took him to a well-known and highly esteemed local master in Japanese martial arts, Bruno Passler. The master told Andreas’ father that he would normally not take up children at all, but he commented on Andreas’ potential to become a black-belt with 15 years of age. So, he started teaching the young adept.

    Andreas’ repertoire of training included several Japanese martial arts styles, and he later became a yogi. Brother Andreas' strong will and Grandmaster Wong’s generous teachings eventually paved the way for him to become a master.

    He was very knowledgeable, having read hundreds of books and attained a master's degree in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).

    Andreas was one of the most open-hearted, spiritual, funny, intelligent, honest, talented and dedicated people I ever knew. All of us will never forget the joyful time spent with him over discussions, sparring or simply joking around.

    His 'wide grin' and attitude of 'living life to the fullest' will remain as an inspiration to us always.

    A few days before he left this world, he told me during our weekly phone chat, that he was at the peak of his spiritual development, having finally reached the point he had aspired to for so many years. It is reassuring to know that he was prepared to leave, although I will always miss him and carry him in my heart.

    Brother Andreas was always rich in family and friends, but not so financially.

    He took good care of his young family, while his girlfriend stayed at home to care for their children. It was his way to save money over time to be able to selectively attend Sifu's courses, where he aspired to become better enabled to spread our arts, and an even better person. He was renovating, step by step, their house in the woods, but was not able to finish his task. His family will have to move to another home or to finance the renovation soon, although they hardly have any income at the moment.

    No money in the world will bring our beloved brother back, but our grandmaster and our instructors have already started raising funds. At least we can help Andreas’ loved ones in their process towards a new beginning.

    There have been many generous contributions to the Shaolin Wahnam Collection Fund for Andreas' family.

    All payment channels are now closed, as Andreas' girlfriend, Iris, stated that she received enough money to take good care of their family.

    If you want to send money anyway, please contact me directly.

    All of the donations have been passed on to the family, who will surely use them wisely.
    Please include Andreas in your prayers and send him blessings for a smooth transition!

    Brother, I wish we could cross hands just one more time, but the cosmos seems to have other plans for your precious soul. Have a safe and happy journey, dear brother!

    Namo Kuan Shi Yin Pu Sa
    Namo Kuan Shi Yin Pu Sa
    Namo Kuan Shi Yin Pu Sa

    Shaolin Salute. o\

    Sifu Andreas Czaga.jpg
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