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  • Invitation courses with Sifu in Malaysia

    At a wonderful dinner last night with Sifu, during UK Summer Camp, the subject of the Dragon Strength course in Penang this December was discussed. In this connection, the subject of invitation only courses in general was also mentioned.

    Sifu asked me to remind our members of the following regarding the Kung Fu courses (including Taijiquan, of course) Sifu offers in Malaysia, which are advertised as "invitation only".

    1. Generally speaking, all Kung Fu and Taijiquan instructors are invited to all Kung Fu & Taijiquan invitation only courses.
    2. Those who have at least attended an intensive Kung Fu or Intensive Taijiquan course will normally also be invited. In fact, the previous attendence of an intensive Kung Fu or Taijiquan course is considered a prerequisite for attendence of Sifu's invitation only courses.
    3. If an instructor has very senior students that they consider to be of high enough level to attend such invitation only courses but have not, for some valid reason, yet attended an intensive Kung Fu or Taijiquan course, the instructor may approach Sifu with a personal recommendation. Sifu will consider each recommended student individually.
    4. It is important that no students book any flight tickets or other relevant travel for invitation only courses before they have Sifu's personal approval. Booking a ticket without Sifu's prior approval will not guarantee the student a place on any such course.

    Sifu places great importance on maintaining the high level of these invitation only courses.
    Sifu Andrew Barnett
    Shaolin Wahnam Switzerland -

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