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Tribute to Sifu - Are you coming ?

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  • Tribute to Sifu - Are you coming ?

    We are about to start organising seating for the Tribute Show. There are limited seats available and so we need to know who plans to come.

    Would you email or PM Tim as soon as possible (don't reply on this thread) if you are planning to come to the Tribute. If you plan to come with anyone else please let him know the total number.

    Even if you think we already know you are coming would you do this anyway. It is a good belt and braces approach to make sure we have your name and will allocate a seat(s).

    As I said, the seating is limited and seats will be allocated on a first come/first served basis. If you don't email or PM Tim to reserve a place we can't guarantee we can fit you in.

    The show is in Guildford Surrey at the wonderful Glive venue. It will start at around 7.30pm so it is best to plan for arriving at 7pm.

    Looking forward to seeing you there

    Best wishes,

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