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Sifu's new book - The Way of the Master

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  • Sifu's new book - The Way of the Master

    Dear Shaolin Wahnam brothers and sisters,

    I'm honoured and pleased to announce that Sifu has agree to come out with his new book! The book "The Way of the Master" is schedule to be published in next year, after more than ten years Sifu does not come out with any new book. I'm so excited to spread this good news even the book will only available next year. This book will describe how Sifu learned from his masters to how he himself become a master.

    Something more exciting is, Sifu agrees to have a special and limited edtion for this book! So what is so special about the special and limited edition? Up to date, three extra feautures that will only available in the special and limited edition. Firstly, it is a hardcover (hardback) book with perfect binding and finishing for our collection. Secondly, each book will be signed by Sifu. Thirdly, a special chapter regarding recommendations to prospective masters will be included. The masters not only refers to kungfu masters, but masters in all areas, as Shaolin teaching can, and should be applied in life.

    As the name speaks, the special and limited edition will only available in very limited number, and there is unlimited supply for the normal edition. Of course, I will request Sifu to offer the special and limited edition to Shaolin Wahnam members first, and subsequently to the general public only if there is still some balance. Can't wait for the book to come out.

    Shaolin Salute,
    Chun Yian