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Sifu's Books are now on Amazon and Gazelle!

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  • Sifu's Books are now on Amazon and Gazelle!

    Dear Shaolin Wahnam family,

    I am happy to announce that the below titles (printed books) are now available on Amazon and Gazelle (bookseller in England -

    1. The Complete Book of Chinese Medicine.
    2. The Complete Book of Shaolin.
    3. Master Answers Series: The Shaolin Arts.
    4. Sukhavati.

    If anyone around you are looking for Sifu's books, kindly refer them to either place to get them.

    I always get feedback from Sifu that his books are in short supply in most countries as told by many instructors or students. Therefore, if any instructor or any student would like to help and involve himself or herself in selling Sifu's books, kindly email to me at

    Shaolin greetings,
    Chun Yian