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Announcing the official Shaolin Wahnam San Shou/Full Contact Teams!!

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  • Announcing the official Shaolin Wahnam San Shou/Full Contact Teams!!

    In the last year, we have seen great progress towards the aim of Restoring the Glory of Kungfu - courses dealing with sparring against other martial arts, a wonderful course covering Choy Li Fatt and its combat applications, several opportunities for students and instructors to learn the mighty Iron Wire set, and of course the recent Full Contact San Shou tournament. All of these courses/events have been preparing students and instructors to acheive one of our school goals for 2012 - entering and winning full contact sparring tournaments, by using genuine, traditional Kungfu!

    I am very proud to be able to announce the official Shaolin Wahnam San Shou/Full Contact Teams! These two teams are made up of select students and instructors who, in the past year, have shown not only great aptitude for full contact sparring, but a willingness to dedicate themselves to the immediate goal of training for, entering, and winning free sparring competitions. The teams are as follows:

    The UK Team!

    Mark Appleford
    Tim Franklin


    Chris Pearce
    Jas Diu
    Max Paulas

    The US Team!

    Chris Didyk
    Christina Didyk


    Chris Didyk
    Adam Bailey
    Michael Helgeson

    As you can see, the coaching groups are made up of fantastic martial artists that bring with them great experience, knowledge, and understanding of, not just Shaolin Kungfu, but also years of experience in other martial arts and sparring in competitions. The competitors all have the wonderful combination of being fierce warriors and gentlemanly scholars!

    For students/instructors not listed above who would like to be considered to join an official Shaolin Wahnam San Shou Team, the application process/requirements will be announced by Sifu Markus Kahila. As to be expected, this process will be simple, direct, and effective.

    Everyone in Shaolin Wahnam should give their support to our official San Shou Teams as we take this exciting step forward! Train, encourage, cheer! This is a big step, and I know we can all make Sifu proud!


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    Dear Family,

    Congratulations to all the coaches and competitors! I've had the pleasure of training with many of you

    I wish you all the very best!!!

    From the Heart,
    Jeffrey Segal