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  4. A little story about the importance of mind attitude
  5. Melanoma
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  7. Holiday Healing
  8. Chi Kung and sexual problem
  9. Clinical depresion, burn out syndrom
  10. Transfering Chi 4 Healing
  11. chi gung and Deep vein Thrombosis
  12. hip impingement- 'Femoro Acetabular'
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  14. Thesis on Chi Kung Efficiency on Psychosomatic and Psychoneurotic Diseases
  15. Reiki and Chi Kung Healing
  16. Overcoming Back Ache
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  19. No thoughts
  20. Chi Kung for psychological conditions
  21. London Chi Kung Healing
  22. Modifications to forms
  23. Healing chi kung in England
  24. Imagine feeling cold for 8 YEARS!
  25. Hip, hip, hooray!
  26. A bruise that isn't!
  27. Ear, Ear!
  28. Bye bye, Migraine
  29. The eyes have it
  30. Food Allergies
  31. imbalance of yin? unhealthy heart chakra?
  32. Lifting the Sky—Simple, Direct, and Effective
  33. Narcissism And Dental Problems (!)
  34. Using chi for self-healing
  35. spinal muscular atrophy and qigong
  36. Like "jedi" skills for a 12 year old
  37. One Session Healing: Foot Injury, Stomach Pain
  38. Chi kung healing and schizophrenia
  39. Recommendations for vocal problem
  40. Scoliosis and calcified shoulder
  41. ReiKi and Chi Kung ?
  42. Migraines --- gone in mere seconds
  43. Broken cheekbone/severe concussion/trauma to ribs and neck
  44. .... and the next case
  45. Brain Cancer
  46. Sifu Andrew: Website for Healing
  47. Horse Whispering
  48. Who is ready for a qigong healing course ?
  49. Quitting Smoking.
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  51. Stutter?
  52. Frozen Shoulder
  53. Scoliosis, mobility of shoulder ... and more
  54. Knee Pain, Relieved
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  56. Questions about "treatments"
  57. Specialist Cancer Healing- Sifu Joan- Ireland
  58. Resistance and the Blue Mountain Healers
  59. Maickel Melamed
  60. Better than valium :)
  61. Chi Kung and diabetes
  62. Effects of Chi Kung on mood and anxiety
  63. Cancer treatment
  64. Account of diabetes cure anyone?
  65. Nerve damage past threshold?
  66. A Cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis
  67. Holland Healings with Sifu Andrew
  68. Interview with Sifu - important qualities of a healer
  69. Experience with Sifu Andrew's Healing :)
  70. My father is Sifu Wei Joo's first student
  71. Broken wrist / lifting the sky
  72. Private Clinic in Ballsbridge, Dublin, Ireland
  73. Goodbye alcohol; welcome back life
  74. Polymyalgia (rheumatica)
  75. A healing experience with Sifu Andrew :)
  76. Malta Healing Sessions
  77. Broken hand: what to practice?
  78. Real Stories of External Qi Transmission, Part Deux
  79. Need clarification for brain healing
  80. Healing sessions in The Netherlands 2013
  81. Healing Sessions with Sifu Andrew in Malta.
  82. Some other healing experiences from Sifu Andrew's visit to Malta.
  83. Advice on treating a popliteal cyst (also known as Baker's Cyst)
  84. Healings in Holland by Sifu Andrew 2014
  85. Injured Tendon? No problem!
  86. Can chi kung heal Eye Floaters?
  87. a long road to healing
  88. Down Syndrome Treatment
  89. What do you expect of a (Chi Kung) Healer?
  90. Sifu Andrew in Vienna
  91. QEA Update
  92. Shaolin Wahnam Chi Kung Healing
  93. When to Consider a Chi Kung Healer's Help?
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